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Promotional material 

creative direction
storyboard illustration
graphic design
surreal world
soft color palette
emotional feeling
friendly design storytelling
draw & sketches


During the experience as part of the Marketing & Communication department of Vitra International, one of the projects that was entrusted was the create a series of proposals for the Corporate Calendar that change every new year and is use by all company workers around the globe. 
This is one of the proposals submitted; The concept  based on the creation of  an imaginary world, clearly one of the things that characterizes this company is the ability to create unique products and unique worlds and experience with each of then, from the beach house through multinational companies even worldwide airports Vitra knows how to make of each space a wonderful spot. 
The big question during the creative process was  "why not create a world in which the Potence Lamp could  illuminates the day?" why not a world where  "the Wiggle Side chair joins the Ball Clock to create trees together with the Polygon Clock?" this was just the start the idea even give the welcome to new citizens  of  this world:  the Plywood Elephants by Charles and Ray Eames, the wooden dools and the the Mother & Child by Alexander Girard. This project also open the door for creation of a complete line of products able to promote the company from the inside among all its human talent.
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