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In order to help sales representatives deal with customer requests for specific cover materials, the CMM webtool (Customer Material Matrix) has been developed as a solution for handling such orders. With just a few clicks on a PC or tablet, the feasibility, required amount and price of desired cover materials for a selected Vitra product can be job involved the role of project manager having the responsability to put together different departments of the company, IT department, Content department & Marcom Department, the task involve, UX design, icon design, visual identity & app design.
To offer a web tool easy to use from the computer or mobile devices Able to simplify the search of materials, upholsteries and other important info for the sales team and retailers with a simple and clean interface where users can intuit how to "play" with the options; using a design that recall the main website of the company that for sure will help to make it more easy to use.
The web tool allow to the user to print the results of the tables or the extra information concern to a specific product, part, upholstery. The first page show the print of the table results, with this option the user will be able to have on paper the results and compare the information between upholstery. The second page show the specific information and alerts, about the product, product part, upholstery, purchising, and other important information.

the CMM webtool (Customer Material Matrix) has been developed as a solution for handling orders to help sales representatives deal with specific clients


This table show results when clients use all the filters & want to compare 2 or 3 upholstery, this table also show information abput specfic upholstery, feasibility, basis cost, extra cost, how much material vitra needs for a product (in metters) and if the material can be provided by vitra or if it must to be provided by the client.
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