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AGM pelle

AGM Pelle is an Italian brand that puts at your disposal sixty years of experience and dedication in the leather processing.The AGM Products are  synonymous of quality, suprime materials and accuracy in the treatment, AGM is not only craftsmen, but real artists that deal with singular care and love the detail of each piece of this collection, producing day after day unique items of particular beauty.
The Project Review:
This whole project was a work of art direction in a first part, a redesign project website was done, proposing a product easy to use where the user can find so easy all the information you need besides make purchases online.
The pictures were taken as part of the art direction work, this project  required a 34% art, 33% technic and 33% production, a first part of  art making decisions that directly affect the outcome of the film, the story you want to tell, the mood of the situation, in what way the products are displayed, the models, the interaction between both.

A technical part with responsibility over the technology used during the shooting (cameras, lights, tripods) and finally the production and (post production) managing resources, times and then finally the final product editing just right before been shown to the final customer.

2015 AGM keeping alive the experience and values of the tradition, once again the real Made in Italy brand show its new products with a bold and seductive design, the attention to detail meets nature.

AGM pelle presents a collection of high-quality products, tanned with vegetable dye to the pure, 100% cotton linings and reinforcements for the structure with non-polluting materials, with a visual product that accentuates the greatness of nature.


One of the goals was to create a web design that
has all the components for a good website, with an easy to follow format, even if it sound silly the key was make obvious what can be found in any part of the site, keeping the written content short & putting the photography on the main role.

The mobile experience it’s important for the brand, so consideration was given to this topic including it on the project, the usability on mobile is important ensuring that every visitor receives an optimal experience. trying to create a website that also can exist on the mobile work without requiring a rebuild of the existing site. Again the key is to keep it simple looking for deliver a easy real experience across a diverse group of devices.
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