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Catalogue design

creative direction
visual identity
editorial design
layout design
neutral colors
focus on product
nature as inspiration

AGM pelle

In 2015 AGM keeping alive the experience and values of the tradition, once again the real Made in Italy brand show its new products with a bold and seductive design, the attention to detail meets nature. AGM pelle presents a collection of high-quality products, tanned with vegetable dye to the pure, 100% cotton linings and reinforcements for the structure with non-polluting materials, with a visual product that accentuates the greatness of nature.
The Project Review:
Create a transnational design with Italian roots, with a style that makes arise a desire, entering in the customer's mind and within the typological diversification.production of a book-catalogue for the collection 2015-2016, which contain images that first showed the brand’s attention to detail, quality of products and materials and second part offered a story that connects with the customer insights, the habits, desires, motives, emotions or even needs that can become a foundation of an advantage that separate the brand from the other competitors products presented in the market.
This catalogue shows products created especially for the male market, however because the versatility of each piece its decided to offer them to both the male and the female market.The brand wants to approach the modern man, a young professional but at the same adventurous & irreverent.The images tell a story creating an experience that intrigue and reach the consumer's mind.
The uniqueness of each item, the leather processing and an innovative design. AGM share the vision of a stylish adventure man with a classic vintage touch, lover of the leather workers artists stylistic work.
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