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Brand Communication

character creation
bright colors
feeling friendly design70's mood illustration
draw & sketches


This is an illustration project entrust by the Studio working for the company Novartis in this specific campaign, the objective was to tell a story creating a main character, a normal person that a day like any other walking down the street finds a big park with mechanic games but this park in particular only has games related with the breathing.
While the story goes the character gets  excited to be in this place then, he start having fun and laugh all the time, but there is a plot,  his laugh at one point get out of control and put him inside a bubble  leading him to the air to later his laugh becomes a cough, the bubble cant content anymore this cough breaking it and dropping him from the heights.the story wants to promote the respiratory products line, leaving clear how important is our normal days and how this products help us to enjoy them no matter what. This project contains promotion material and a marketing strategy that is presented to the client using the same illustration as a technique.
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