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logo design
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photo retouching
layout design
web design
fresh color palette
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Miami View Magazine, was born as Doral View Magazine, for the Doral are in Miami - United States, after its success, it was decided to change the name to Miami having as a goal  the whole geohrsphical zone as a point reference and inspiration. The team created this product in long distance mode, interesting situation,  we never met in person, we always perform this project remotely, the photographer is a citizen of the world  always traveling discovering new places, the person in charge of articles is located in Miami as the person responsible for the sales & promotion.
Each issue features new travelling stories 
experience,an special view from those who have found success on these days in a particular way, culture, art & design are also
part of the menu, lot of colours with big headings take over the pages to keep the
reading on and people interested, Inspired by great magazines from around the globe we created a product that rather than be just a magazine is a storytelling. As Art Director I was on charge of the creation of the product, designing, creating, making happen, putting live in each the pages of the product. 

"MiamiView Mag is a monthly publication, printed in Miami and designed in Italy with a focus on tavel and experience photography"

We get inspired by great magazines from all around the globe trying to understand what made of a magazine more than  just a magazine a storytelling, turning it into an object of collection.
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