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la scatola

dei giocattoli

La Scatola dei Giocattoli is a website strategy created by Mattel  that allow children and adults to discover everything about their favorite toys, the game is simple each user put inside their #box the products they would like to buy or just recieve news or updates, videos or special content. after the website there was a jump to the mobile world so I was called by the Studio on charge of the project to develope the design  interface, making it easy,  simple to use by kids and adults in order looking to mantein the web experience.
This application as the main tool let with simple steps to continue the experience of the #box  users kids and adults can make a registration through cellphone or tablet, the app is focus on the adults in which beside their personal information they can also insert information related to the kids at home, in this way both can having access to specific content and special offers adapted to the pre-selected preference. the third step was a dashboard app, specially for the company workers still having the same mood of the mobile app, the idea was to make a interface that, organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read and understand for the employees. offering something  interactive fresh new and useful.

a simple interface easy to use by kids & adults in order to mantein the website experience.

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