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your life, your time

Sometimes people complain about not having  enough time to work or study or even complain about not having time to enjoy free time activities. what people dont know is that in 2015 people use more than 28% of their time on social networks. Lifetime is a multi-platform application created to help people with their social networks overuse, even if it sound a little bit cinical, lifetime is a social app againts social apps, the way lifetime works is simple, the user download the program on their computer and devises,once they do the installation they have a diary, where they can put all their future meetings and events, & add the name of the people who they are going with, also the app ask the user for personal information such as they favorite sport, places and who are their closers friends.
the idea is once the the user enter all the information requested, the app will work as monitor of the time use on social networks, whn the user expend too much time lifetime will pop up messages remembering the user the appointments he have that day and if the agenda is free the messages will be conected to what the user could be doing instead being on social networks,
The interesting and fun part of this application is that the user to share more information with the application, the application will send much more defined and specific messages.
for example, when a user places between their interests, montana, skiing, climbing, swimming, the application automatically takes these interests to create an incentive message "think of a weekend skiing in the mountains with friends.
Even more interesting, if the user fills the diary with appointments that is having during the week and with people with whom twill meet, he application create messages related to this information, lets say a user inserts in the diary a dinner with 3 friends toight, when the user overuse social networks immediately the app send to messages talking about how great will be this dinner meeting friends or get the chance to know new people.

"in 2015 people use more than 28% of the daily time on social networks. 


Lifetime is a multi-platform application created to minimize this overuse"

The idea of lifetime, is to generate a preventive help to overuse of social networks, lifetime connects easily to the most famous SN such as facebook, twitter or instagram, monitoring the continuous time of use, in addition lifetime record the increase or decrease of time within social networks showing these data through daily, weekly and monthly graphics.
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