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Visual identity


design research
icon and logo design
visual identity
bright colours
party  mood
young image
city as reference

ESN erasmus

ESN Pavia, is part of the sections within the non-profit organization ESN ITALY, the sections works under the principle “Students helping students”, to help the exchange students in living at its best their study experience abroad. They give support both to outgoing and incoming students.
Most of their members are students that came back from an international experience and want to offer their knowledge or soon-to-leave students that can acquire useful skill to face new countries with a deeply different cultural and social background. In my case (and certainly in the case of many) when you come to a new country, it is often very difficult to adapt easily to the culture, the way of thinking or acting and sometimes you find yourself a little bit lost with not much friendly people around you.
when I arrived to Italy I had the opportunity to meet some members of ESN Pavia (my second home) which welcomed me right away inside the team, one of the projects that i had was the refreshing of the brand, the section for many years had an image that did not fit with what they want to represent and show to the students who arrive to Italy from all over the world; an organization that is young, active, open, free & fun is what they wanted to show, this is how I had the honor to create, design and develop the new image for this group of students who works each day without expecting anything in return but the satisfaction of helping other students.


"ESN wanted a young, active, open, free & fun visual identity for their organization"

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