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Isko denim

ISKO™, the leading ingredient brand on a global level, is the first denim producer in the world to be recognized with the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel certifications. It has a production capacity of 300 million meters of fabric per year, with 2000 state-of-the-art automatic looms. It creates the soul of jeans, the essence of the most popular fashion style that has become universal. 

ISKO’s vision is as international as the love for denim. It can adapt to different contexts and markets, becoming a point of reference for the most famous designers and inspiring new fashion trends.
ISKO take its ambitions to new levels with tailored denim design solutions for every need and aspiration you have. Get inspired by their bespoke denim innovations.
Authentic inspiration incorporates performance, comfort, innovation and style, but always fueled by the soul of original denim. We celebrate authentic denim, redefining a cult classic.
With essential elements borrowed from activewear, this is a pure celebration of everything body stretching and body flattering. Body Shaping can take you anywhere you want to take denim.

"To say that a Denim Head is an enthusiast denim is a complete understatement. These individuals are so passionate about denim that it’s constantly on their mind and a part of their daily routine – whether it is in the form of wearing the same denim for months on end and/or having a heavier involvement in the denim community".


You can see Indigo’s soul throughout the of ISKO communication material. Playing with constructions and colors, the touch of rigid fabrics in black colors, this is book-inspired within a denim-oriented mood.

Truly no boundaries. You don't care what other people think; you're a trend shaper and a rule bender. ISKO is bursting with creativity, and their denim fabrics mirror this ethos.

ISKO was looking for a book with a free attitude and an inspiring spirit with a clear indigo feel still showing the unique fabrics  the washed colors  with a focus on classic athleisure hues.

For the SS2019 collection, a denim suburban concept, styled by Sonny Groo and photographed by Wikkie Hermkens in Amsterdam city for ISKO, indigo was the protagonist of an blue hue overlayering game made of jeans, jackets, shirts and hoodies. denimwear not only for the eyes but for the soul.