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Visual identity


creative direction
design research
graphic design
icon & logo design
bright colours
minimal mood
young image

power tool repair

Atenea Service, is a company located in Miami, Florida founded by an young professional Venezuelan, this company is working closely with the large construction companies being responsible of the maintenance and repair of their construction machines. talking with Atenea Service founder, the interest in creating a new image is base on the idea of wanting something new, simple but modern, representing what they are and what they do insde the construction sector putting clear they professionalism but also their  young spirit.
The main goal was to design the Brand Identity of the company, First of all, its outlined the major characteristics and attributes of the work situation, what is the tool that is involve in every repair process?  then this is  use as main point  for the brand identity structure. The design, the colour and the distribution of elements of the Identity were used with in modern simple  way. this is how the "drill" turns into our hero in this case study, playing with the "A" of Atenea and starting from the idea  of this  company as simply cure  problems solverf for the construction  machinery, is like a shoot that cures the malfunction, easy, fast and efficient. 

"the AGM man is a man that has an independent style defined by himself, it has the need for products able to fit to unexpected changes and complex situations"

Atenea Service
power tool repair
located in Miami - United States
" its design, its colours even its elements distribution were created disposing the company into a simple modern Visual Identity.
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